Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Burning questions on cheap body jewellery

Miss Shimmer has been extrememly busy and just wanted to update our blog readers on some very interesting questions we have received. We recently had a customer that was concerned that our body jewellery is not as expensive as other sellers in the body jewellery sector. Well lets stop it right there and put your mind at rest.
None of our body jewellery contains nickel, THAT'S NICKEL FREE BODY JEWELLERY, sorry to shout but there are some people out there that think expensive means the best quality. Are there also sellers that price their items high for just that reason well here at
Miss Shimmer we are dedicated to bringing quality, nickel free body jewellery to our customers at lower prices! No catch, no rubbish just quality low priced body jewellery.
Well that’s enough for today got to go do some work now, until next time…..take it easy