Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Why choose Nickel free body jewellery?

In our last post we mentioned nickel free body jewellery, just we thought maybe we should explain why nickel is and how it may affect you so here goes. Nickel is commonly found in jewellery but is also found in paper clips, so ask yourself this ‘would you put a paperclip in your piercings?’ We are hoping the answer is no and this is why, when sweat or water meet nickel the result can sever the chemical bonds between nickel ions and cause them to absorb into the body and this can promote allergies.
Allergies from contact from nickel by and large start with that ‘itchy feeling’ where the metal contacts the skin which may start with dry skin, red rashes or inflammation which in turn can become dermatitis. If this does occur it is extremely important that action is taken immediately as it can spread very quickly. Due to these reasons we at
Miss Shimmer only supply nickel free body jewellery.
Well that’s enough for today got to go do some work now, until next time…..take it easy