Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Stretchings your piercings be it plugs or flesh tunnels

Its been a while so apologises from us but we have been busy sourcing new products. One the latest crazes is called stretching. Every seen a teenager with a huge gauge plug or taper in their ear? Well this is what we are talking about. Tribes have been doing this for years and no doubt you have seen it on TV documentaries over the years. But this new fashion statement isn't just for teenagers Gok Wan is one of the most famous (in our opinion) wearers of the acrylic taper and man does he wear it well. Oh yes we are big fans of the Gok here at Miss Shimmer 'luv ya girlfriend'. However back to the point, caution must be taken when stretching your ears due to bacteria getting into it but we will go into that at a later date with our guide on proper stretching methods.
If you like the look but really don't want to stretch for real than a cheater taper maybe what you are looking for. These come in a variety of beautiful coloured gems at the centre and have the look of an 00g or 10mm taper and can be used in regular pierced ears.
Well that's enough for today got to go do some work, until next time…..take it easy

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