Monday, 6 December 2010

Belly piercings and pregnancy

Recently we had an enquiry from someone that just found out they were pregnant and was worried about their belly piercing. The concern was that the belly bar that she presently had was steel and didn't want to remove the navel bar and wanted to know if we could help.

Of course the problem with steel belly bars is that you can't leave them in for scans and that the steel bar wouldn't adjust to the way your body changes during pregnancy. Standard steel body jewellery would not adjust to the way your body changes during pregnancy and because your skin tightens with the growing baby steel jewellery can tear your piercings.

Miss Shimmer does offer pregnancy belly bars. These bars are great for leaving in for scans as they are made of quality PTFE and bend. Our new range of pregnancy barbells are an ideal solution. These come in a pack of 10 standard nickel free flexi belly bars with 10"s of flexible wire included so that you can cut it to the length you require and re-thread it with the ball. The flexible wire is made of Bioplast which is also nickel free and totally safe to use with any balls you wish, this also means that you don't have to remove your body jewellery during pregnancy.

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Saturday, 6 November 2010

I've stretched my ear, will my piercing shrink back?

Well the answer to that question isn't simple and depends on the speed that you stretched and how far you have gone. If you stretch the piercing to fast can cause tearing in your piercing and this can develop scar tissue. So the rule of thumb is too stretch slowly.

Miss Shimmer body jewellery has a variety of stretchers to help you stretch your ear lobes slowly and safely. Our U shaped Bull Horn Tapers will help you achieve your desired piercing, and these tapers will enable you to stretch out your piercing without tearing.

Alternatively you could use ear stretching straight tapers, but before starting stretching you should consider how large you want to stretch your piercing too.
Most piercing stretchers go to 00g/10mm which is it recommended if you wish to reduce your piercing at a later date. However there is no guarantee that your piercing will shrink back without surgery and it must be taken into consideration that scar tissue is a major factor in shrinkage.

Another factor to take into consideration if you should wish to shrink down is the age of your piercing. It has been suggested that after several years a piercing may shrink down a little but it is unlikely to go back to where it started.

We strongly advice that you bare that in mind before stretching and to stretch slow.

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