Thursday, 6 January 2011

Discriminated against for body piercing!

After a visit to a supermarket a few weeks ago I was astonished to hear two women talking about a 'youngster' (their words not mind) in a quite shocking way.

We all think of discrimination automatically as skin colour or ethnicity which in the majority of cases is true, but is not the only way people discriminate. We all judge people everyday in different ways be it their colour, the clothes that they wear, the house they live in, car they drive the list goes on but you get my drift.

However it was the young lads body jewellery that these 'ladies' were discussing. I listened with interest as these women chatted on about how horrible it looked and how it shouldn't be allowed blah blah!

I really wanted to point out that body piercing just like tattoos are a form of body art and self expression and did not in any shape or form hinder this lads ability to scan their shopping!

Well a few days later I returned to the same supermarket to find the lad from my last visit wearing a plaster over his piercing! Being the person that I am (nosey that is) I had to go ask why he was wearing the plaster, I thought maybe an infection or something. It turns out that his bosses had made him cover it up as they find it offensive!

I was outraged by this as they seem to notice a piercing but not the chap with BO that work for them! I did enquire about him using a retainer, but he said he didn't like them as they stick out too far.

So on my next visit I took one of our new flat top push in retainers that sit almost flat to the skin.

Well that's enough for today got to go do some work, until next time…..take it easy